We are

the first seedless

tricolor sweet pepper

of the world.


Easy to cook

No seeds inside!
Don’t waste time cleaning them up before cooking!

Easy to eat

No seeds inside!
It’s literally 100% pepper.
Bite to believe!

Reduce food waste

No seeds inside!
100% pepper, enjoy all of it, nothing to throw away.


100% pepper, full of vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals.


100% pepper,
100% sweetness.


100% pepper, 100 millions ways of using it: cook, raw, grill, snack, salads. The only limit is the sky.

AGROIRIS · Since 1994

Over 25 years of experience

We love new products and concepts for complete our portfolio. We have always been characterized by keeping the spirit of sacrifice very active in order to serve customers and the constant search for quality in the vegetables that it has put on market.

The company handles 180 million kilos of vegetables for all of Europe, America and Canada with an approximate turnover of 200 million euros.

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